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Choosing a Garage Door Opener

If opening your garage door is a pain in the back, it's time to consider installing an automatic garage door opener. No longer considered a convenience item for the privileged, today's garage door openers are affordable, safe and easy to install.
There are three main types of openers:
Chain drive mechanism: By far the most popular and affordable opening device. Priced between $100 and $170, this model uses a chain to move the door.
Screw drive mechanism: This slow-moving design relies on a long threaded bar to open the door. The cost for this unit is typically between $150 and $200.
Belt drive mechanism: Considered the quietest and, priced at $200 and up, the most expensive opening device. This design uses rubber belts to open the door.
The latest garage door opener safety features include automatic reversing action sensors and infrared beams to stop the garage door's downward movement should something get in the way. To keep thieves from stealing your transmission code, many openers feature technology that sends a different signal each time you use the opener.
Installation tips
To install your garage door opener quickly and easily, follow these simple tips:
1. Secure the rail to the garage wall above the center of the door. 
2. Use the supplied mounting straps to attach the unit motor to the garage framing overhead. Be sure it's centered between the garage door tracks. 
3. Secure the opener's connecting arm to a bracket attached to the door. 
4. Run wires from the unit motor to the wall-mounted control switch. 
5. Plug motor into the nearest outlet.
Keep in mind that installation instructions can differ according to the type of opener you purchase. Extra features, such as infrared beams and keyless entry systems, require additional attention. For complete information, read the manufacturer's installation recommendations and instructions for your unit.