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Is Your Fireplace Safe?

April 25th, 2014

Most folks consider their fireplace and chimney to be indestructible parts of their home that require little or no maintenance. While masonry work is generally as close to maintenance-free as you can get, fireplaces and chimneys are more than just masonry; they are a part of your home’s heating system, which must effectively vent fumes from your fireplace, furnace and water heater.

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Getting a Tax Refund? Consider Using It for Your Down Payment

April 4th, 2014

While most people dread tax time, if you are getting a refund, this time of year can seem almost as rewarding as end-of-the-year bonus season.

Whether you are receiving a refund of a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars, if you’re contemplating buying your first home, you may want to deposit your refund into an account dedicated to your down payment fund.

“Using your tax refund ...