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Holiday Lights - An installation guide for outdoor holiday decorations

December 30th, 2013

Before you blow away the neighbors with your rendition of rooftop reindeer and 500 megawatts of Christmas lights, take precautions that these seasonal "improvements" don't lead to a whole series of home repairs.

Rooftop santas

There's no better place for a Yuletide heliport than the otherwise-bland top of the house. But while it might be tempting to string out lights on the r ...

Buying a Home in the Winter

December 10th, 2013

Spring and summer are the high season for home sales, but winter can be a buyer’s market. If you don’t mind a smaller pool of homes for sale or moving around the holidays, winter might be a good time for you to house shop.

Less Competition, More Leverage
Since spring and summer are the most active real estate seasons, many home sellers wait until then to list their homes. That means there a ...