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5 Quick Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room

You’ve just moved in to your new place on campus, which will serve as your home away from home for the next school year.

Priority No. 1 after moving in? Come up with ways for your room to represent your personality!

We’ve put together a list of five potential room-decorating ideas suitable for any size or type of living space. Incorporate one or more of these in your place to achieve your dream college room.

1. Your team

Decorating a dorm room with paraphernalia that represents your loyalty to your university’s teams is a tried-and-true theme for any student’s room.

You could hang up a banners and pennants over your bed or put up posters of your favorite teams and fellow students. If you want to go all out and demonstrate true fandom, buy a patterned bedspread with your team’s logo on it to show your school pride.

2. Your home city

Another option is to display your love for the city you’re from, especially if your college is far from home.

Hang pictures of your city or pictures of particular landmarks that epitomize home for you. It’s always nice to have that reminder while away, and it’s a great way to spark conversations with fellow students when they visit.

3. Friends and family

To remind you of home and pay respect to your roots, hang some photos of you and your friends from high school. You probably will want to have a little connection to where you’re from as you work toward your future goals.

If you’re really ambitious, make collages with pictures of your friends and family to hang throughout your room.

4. Works of art

If you’re an arty type, look for reproductions of famous photos and paintings to hang on your wall.

Distinctive artwork will help distinguish your room and let your friends know a lot about your taste in art.

5. Music and movies

If you’re a music or movie lover, you can’t go wrong with art depicting your favorite musicians or movies.

This will give everyone a feeling of what sorts of music and movies make you tick. You might even find a common connection with a classmate over a flick or favorite band.

This article was written by Alexandra Brown of Uloop.